JD equipment pack V 1.0


Pak equipment JD. 
– John Deere 4640 tractor, we took this previously released 4640 and made it a little better, we added static lighting, new sounds, fixed almost everything, if not all errors, added dirt, covers on the exhaust from the rain, and various other problems with attacher scripts and the like. 
– John Deere 568 bogopress, converted from FS17, now produces large bales using the lua script, static lighting added, dust particles, dirt and all the animations work correctly. 
– John Deere mower converted from FS17, all animations are working properly and static lighting has been added.


Knagsted , Tyson McCrary , Steenkamp Modding , Poly , Bradley , KMN Modding , Vnsfdg2 , Zombek , Expendables Modding

JD equipment pack V 1.0
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