Hofbrunn V 1.6


Hello everybody
I would like to introduce you to my modified map of Felsbrunn. Hofbrunn … (gäähn … 🙂 This is not a savegame but a created in the editor, or edited map. Well, a Modmap from Felsbrunn more on Modhoster, I know … But it’s worth it. For what? Because it was processed with attention to detail, because it provides a huge starting equipment on machines, because already at the beginning 4 stalls are, because everything is perfectly central in the area and is efficient to reach and because a well-designed or converted map but still represents something other than a thing done with the landscaping possibilities in the game. Mainly it is about the entire court yard of Felsbrunn, or new of course Hofbrunn .
New point of sale ‘Zur alten Mühle’
Hofer extension (terrain and objects)
New internal mods (by CJFarming)
Large Multisilo Swiss Edition
Terrain and texture revisions in general
File Internal Structure Revision
Correction of the partly indistinct field view in the PDA
General fixes


Mill: PowerPeter008 / Joker301069
Riding place: Giants and pascal_dmbs
Caravan: Wippman
Vehicle Halls: VertexDezign Niggels
Gas station: VertexDezign Niggels
Filling stations: Rene / anthu
Straw warehouse: Hasco

Hofbrunn V 1.6
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